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To enhance the research on the environment, health, culture, industry and other fields of Taiwan's indigenous peoples, the National Taiwan University(NTU) has set up an indigenous peoples research center. The Indigenous Research Center integrates research talents and resources related to the research of indigenous peoples for expanding the field of research.

The purpose of this center is to promote dialogues between different disciplines on the different viewpoints of indigenous issues, to enrich and deepen the understanding of the indigenous issues.

Through professional research of academic and practice of action, we hope to promote the integration of Taiwanese civil society into a multicultural society, and transform the platform for dialogue between Taiwan's indigenous peoples and the larger society, then finally gradually realize the inherent rights of indigenous peoples and the sustainable development of social culture.

The center has accumulated fruitful results on topics such as indigenous peoples and biodiversity, cultural assets and digital collections, and urban indigenous social development research. Based on this, the following 3 development goals have been adjusted and proposed since 2017, and implemented within 5 years:
Development Goals
Local Creation and Indigenous Youth Movement
Local Creation and Indigenous Youth Movement
Natural environment resources and harmony symbiosis
Natural environment resources and harmony symbiosis
Cultural assets and national memory
Cultural assets and national memory
The center hopes that by setting specific development goals, NTU will become a multicultural benchmark, and provide the necessary resources and assistance for the school's curriculum, center plans, and overall policy direction to promote the spirit of ethnic mainstreaming.